Dr. Mandeep Randhawa, DDS
Roseville, CA Dentist

All-Porcelain Crowns

Crowns, sometimes known as caps, are an effective solution for a number of dental problems. Crowns can repair, protect, and strengthen teeth that have been damaged by decay, infection, or trauma and make it possible to keep a natural tooth that might otherwise be lost. Crowns are also a crucial part of a new method of replacing missing teeth called a dental implant. You can learn more about dental implants here.

What Are All-Porcelain Crowns?

In the past, crowns have been made from a range of materials including metals like gold and stainless steel. As dental technology advanced, crowns began to better resemble natural teeth to help improve aesthetics and make dental work less noticeable. Unfortunately, even ceramic-fused-to-metal crowns have a distinctive flaw – they leave a dark gray line at the gumline that announces to anyone who sees it that the tooth is in fact a crown.

With all-porcelain crowns, no metal is used to craft the crown, which means you never have to worry about a gray line or other abnormality marring your smile. All-porcelain crowns are designed to cleanly blend in with your other teeth. Nobody except you and Dr. Rhandawa will know which tooth is natural and which one has a crown!

Placing Your Crown

If you need a crown (or if you have a crown that is aging and you are interested in having it replaced), call our Roseville dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rhandawa. If a crown is an appropriate solution, Dr. Rhandawa will prepare your tooth for the crown by shaping it and filing it. This process helps the crown to fit over your tooth properly so that it blends in correctly.

Once your tooth is prepared, Dr. Rhandawa will take impressions of your teeth to make casts. These and high-quality digital photographs will be sent to the lab we trust to make our crowns and other dental appliances. At this time, we may fit you with a temporary crown to prevent sensitivity.

When your crown comes back to the lab, you’ll return to our office, and Dr. Rhandawa will place the crown over your tooth. As soon as this process is complete, your tooth will be restored to full functionality, and you’ll be able to bite, chew, and smile with complete confidence.

Caring for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are as easy to care for as your own teeth. Brush your teeth as directed by Dr. Rhandawa and make sure to floss. While dental crowns can’t get cavities or decay, without proper care they can become stained, and they won’t prevent cavities or decay in other teeth.

Crowns are designed to be durable, but like your own teeth, they can become damaged if they are used in a way they were never intended. Don’t chew on anything that isn’t food, like your fingernails or pencils, and let us know right away if your crown accidentally becomes damaged.

Call us today to learn more about dental crowns and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rhandawa.